Melbourne is a fantastic place to spend some time away, and it is a city which caters to just about every type of group. Not only is this the foodie capital of Australia, it is also where you will find the most exciting sports events, outdoor markets, music concerts and so much more. Another interesting fact about Melbourne is that sex work here is legal, and regulated. There are a number of brothels in the city that are high quality, offering erotic massages, beautiful women and much more.

If you do plan to visit a Melbourne brothel during your time here, here are some tips which first timers should bear in mind.

Keep It Hygienic

In the same way that you would expect the women who you spend time with in the brothel to be clean, fresh and smelling great, they should expect the same from you. This is just good etiquette and it is important that you turn up to the brothel just as you would if you were out on a date.

 Be Courteous

In most cases you will be met at the entrance to the brothel by the manager who will then explain to you what services are available, who with and what prices you are looking at for each service. Given the nature of this kind of business they are always focused on doing all that they can to keep their workers safe, which is why being courteous is your best option. This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and that is why being kind makes so much sense, in return you can expect a good level of customer service.

Being Honest

The workers in these places really do want to give you the very best experience and it is worth your while being honest about the fact that this is your first time. The ladies who work here understand how to treat different clients and this is exactly why being honest will help you out. The ladies will be able to allay your fears and calm your nerves so that you can get the absolute most out of your time in the brothel.

Right of Refusal

Remember that this is a legal and regulated business, despite how some cities around the world treat sex work. This means that the workers most certainly have a right to refusal, which again is why you should always look to be kind and courteous.

Having a Chat

This service is not just about the physical side of things, it is a chance for you to step out of the real world and enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. There is nothing wrong with having a chat with your masseuse or sex worker, and enjoy their company for a little while.

Remember that there is no obligation once you have walked through the doors, listen to what services are available and take your time if you haven’t done this before. All told this will be a great experience to have and it again goes to show why Melbourne is such a fun and cool city to visit.

Your Guide to Visiting a Melbourne Brothel For The First Time